Our Testimonials

I had a query, and I contacted them. They guided me and helped me a lot. I had too many questions, but they never lost their professionalism or patience. I’ve now had success after following their detailed step-by-step instructions. Happy.!

Liza Smith

Thank you for taking the time and effort to clean my defaced Euro notes. Also, thank you for using Grade A Chemicals. Please pass my thanks to every team member who put effort into making my life better. I will recommend you to all my friends and family. Keep up the excellent service.!

Carla Henson

Thank you for your excellent service. It is always a pleasure to work with you guys. I am pleased with the services. They are punctual. And the quality of the product is as good as preached!

Meena Arkwood

I purchased Counterfeit bills AUD from moneymagnetsonline.com. The experience was very gratifying, in that they walked me through the purchase/and my questions by way of their online and verbal phone concierge service. Then they executed the sale through delivery was scheduled to receive it Thursday by midday, I only received it on Friday morning.!

Tommy Duwadi

This is the 7 months I’m using this company. assisted in my choice during several conversations. They clarified some issues I had, were knowledgeable, carefully listened, and made suggestions accordingly. Since most companies dealing with fake bills turn out fake, it is a leap of faith paying the funds in advance.!

Henson Harnandez

I needed to purchase fake bills to shoot my video. Not only did I receive, but the bills were excellent and undetected. It arrived in perfect condition and was just what I expected.
The customer service was excellent and the delivery guy was polite. I highly recommend this company and will be doing more business in the future.!

Shawn Michael

Counterfeiters Are Difficult to Catch🎈

Counterfeiting has been around for just about as long as money has. Dishonest people will take advantage of any method they can to make some quick cash. Though the police do their best to confiscate counterfeit money, it’s incredibly difficult to link the fraudulent bills to any source. That means the criminals are free to keep performing their illegal activities, without much worry of being caught. Once their bills are in circulations and out of their hands, they aren’t too concerned about where they end up. They don’t care if they are confiscated, because they likely won’t be linked to them and they can just create new bills.